Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Writing and Editing

Dear Reader,

It's a sad thing to feel like I've kept up this blog better than ever and then realize that I haven't actually posted in seven months.

So far, 2018 is a year of changes. I have a new, full-time job at a farm store. I finished the first draft of the novel I've been writing on and off for about 13 years(8 if you don't count the 5 years I hardly touched it after my youngest child was born). I rewrote most of it last year, but I'm still counting back to the early days.

I have also started up an online editing business, which has two clients, a website, and a scant social media presence that I really should work on increasing.

Now that the first draft of the mainstream fiction novel is done, I'm working on the murder mystery I started a couple years ago. I'm a little disappointed to see that I haven't written nearly as much as I thought I had, but I'm fairly pleased with what's there. I know who the killer is, am working on the motive, and am slowly accepting that this genre may require an outline. I am not a fan of outlines.

The best part about mysteries, which I have toyed with in fanfics, is foreshadowing. Unlike live-posted fanfic updates, I get to go back through this book and add things. Misdirection, clues, more questions than answers -- all of these things are fun to work with. That is, until I get to the end and have to wrap it all up. But that's so far in the future I don't even worry about it.

Take care, Reader.

Until next time.....

P.S. I put a daily serial story on my author website during Lent. That was also a blast.

Friday, October 27, 2017

First Snow! and other things.....

Dear Reader,

It is snowing in central Wisconsin!  Husband has the day off and he took me to breakfast at Denny's.  Very filling breakfast, but the food was only so-so.  When we left the restaurant, it had just started snowing, but I didn't count it until we got home and found that it was snowing here too.

I like first snows because they're pretty and they don't stick.  I'm really not ready for winter driving.

In other news, my asthma is flaring up.  Recent mold exposure caused two attacks this week.  My lungs hate me right now.  The good news is that my rescue inhaler works.  I also got to try out the local clinic's health portal website.  My doctor is prompt in replying to messages. 

I've decided that I much prefer this blogging platform to Weebly.  It loads faster and allows me to change the title of a post more easily.  My author page is through Weebly, so I'm sort of stuck with it for author blogging, at least for now. 

I'm going to try to write something now.  I have a scene I may adapt and place into chapter eleven of my novel-in-progress.  I'm not sure yet that it will fit, but I'll know in an hour or so.

Take care, Reader!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wow, This Blog is Still Here

Dear Reader,

I was thinking about this blog tonight, and I decided to see if it still exists in cyberspace.  Well, what do you know? It does!

Previously, at Patronized Saint.....

I was doing the P90X workouts, I believe.  Tony Horton did not kill me.  I couldn't hack Phase C and a bunch of personal stuff hit me about that time so I gave up on it. 

This poor blog has been more neglected than ever, partly because I've switched my focus to writing.  This year I'm hitting it hard, and I have a blog on my author page which gets slightly more attention than this one does.

I think I'll keep this blog though.  I like it.  I may even remember to come and post on it once in a blue moon.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Phase B

Dear Reader,

I have survived phase A of my P90 program.  I am still not following the nutritional plan, but I have managed to lose 3/4" from my waist, which though small, is encouraging.  I have given up desserts for Lent, so that should help with my extra evening calorie fight.  I feel stronger, and my legs are more toned.  That's a good start.

Phase B is underway and it's challenging, but not impossible.  The first day, I felt like I was in pretty good shape, but the workouts still kicked my butt.  I have found that the mixed martial arts moves are still my favorite.  Once I get the hang of them, I really enjoy them and they're the moves I feel most confident doing.  My favorites from phase A are still in the mix, but stepped up a bit with added moves. 

There is a lot more jumping around in month two(plyometrics, I guess they're called) and a lot more planking moves.  So far I'm able to at least hold a plank and do a couple of half push-ups.  I am trying not to think of what I'll have to do in the phase C exercises.

I still like this program, although I am using my exercise inhaler for this second month.  For some reason, the sculpting video causes more breathing issues.  My muscles are all stiff and sore and my knees hurt a bit, but I still feel pretty good and if I can avoid injury and illness, I think I'll be able to keep with it to the end of the program.

Friday, January 15, 2016

P90 First Week Review

Dear Reader,

Although this blog has been horribly neglected, I would like to report that I am still in existence.  I have done some blogging on my author blog(mostly about writing, imagine that...). 

But here is the place I blog about exercise.  I am on week one of P90.  I admit that I am not following the nutritional plan, first of all because Shakeology is outrageously expensive, and also because there is too much chocolate around here from Christmas.  My willpower is rather low in January.  I have bought some healthier food and have kept breakfast and lunch lower in calories.  If I can kick the dessert habit I've picked up, I'll be good.  I am not going to do the 6 Day Shred, as I believe it to be a dangerous restriction of calories, especially whilst exercising.

The exercises for the first month of the program aren't too bad.  It's a bit challenging, but I am surviving it.  I printed out the program calendar from a third party website and didn't notice a misprint that had me doing a sculpting workout from the second month.  That one was hard, but I survived it too.  I do hope that by the end of month one, I'm better able to handle those "Sculpt B" moves because I really thought it was going to do me in. 

So far my asthma has not been an issue.  I suspect that I will need to use my exercise inhaler for month two.  The only result to report here on day five is that my posture is greatly improved.  I haven't slouched once since sitting down at the computer this morning.

My free coach is not working out so far.  I have sent her an email and gotten no reply.  Perhaps she is busy, or has no answers for my questions.  It is rather unfortunate that her specialty programs do not include P90.  I doubt she'll be of much help.

I'll finish up week one tomorrow.  So far, I like the exercise portion of the program.  I like the fast pace, how quickly we change moves, and how the host is upbeat in a non-annoying way.  I do modify some of the moves, and have a slow pace, but I expect it to improve.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Asthma 5K

Dear Reader,

While I somewhat enjoy exercise, and don't exactly despise it, I find motivation hard to come by as far as keeping at it.  The wii fit board told me I've lost weight since last summer, which is great, except that it was because I hadn't used wii fit since then.

I think I've been subconsciously viewing my asthma as some sort of terminal diagnosis.  Nevermind the fact that I have not yet had an asthmatic attack, the thought of having one while miles from my home is not fun.  This is something I'm working on.

I still don't ride my bicycle much, but I'm working on an easy 5K training plan(the "easy" part being that it's walking).  I'm not planning to enter any official races, but I think it will help with my confidence and changing the way I think of asthma.  I want to see it as a challenge instead of a hindrance.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Still Going

The post title says it all.  Life is throwing all sorts of stuff at me this year, but I'm still going.  I did finally cross the Brandywine in my ride to Rivendell.  The trip is much more exciting in the book and the movie.

My writing is sort of on hold.  I have a privately printed almost complete first draft to tear into.  I like seeing it in book form, and hate to start marking it up, but I really want to get back to the story.  I'll have to put the fantasy work on hold, but this is the first real story I had pour out of my brain and into any semblance of a book.  I need to finish this one.

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