Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Reader, I'm up to a seven mile ride now. I'm not paying too much attention to my speed, but it's likely somewhere in the 10-12 mph range. As of yesterday, I'm more than halfway to my 100-mile goal. I should make it sometime in August. Then I can concentrate more on my summer reading goal, which is at the same point, progress wise.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer So Far

Dear Reader, Summer is very busy so far. My driving test is scheduled for early September, so I'll be practicing more. Summer homeschooling makes the mornings go by much faster, and should be excellent practice for teaching CCD classes in the fall, which I've volunteered to do. I did my first 5-mile(approximately) bike ride this morning. Due to weather and knee pain, I've only ridden 22 miles thus far, but since I've taken to riding on the road instead of the leg-killing dirt lane, my 100-mile goal is still viable.

I've ventured into the realm of home owning, which has me looking for more ways to save money. For instance, today I made a rag mop out of an old towel, a wooden handle and some baling wire. It doesn't hold together very well, but it serves its purpose, and should save a bit over time. Those sponge mops just fall apart after a short time, and are a big waste of money.

The garden is bigger this year, and everything is growing well except the watermelons, which needed replanting. They may not have time to be more than ornamental, but I'm hopeful for a long growing season. The weeds are being kept at bay, and I'll be canning beans before the month is out.

Only two more months before school starts. It doesn't seem like an eternity this year.
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