Friday, January 15, 2016

P90 First Week Review

Dear Reader,

Although this blog has been horribly neglected, I would like to report that I am still in existence.  I have done some blogging on my author blog(mostly about writing, imagine that...). 

But here is the place I blog about exercise.  I am on week one of P90.  I admit that I am not following the nutritional plan, first of all because Shakeology is outrageously expensive, and also because there is too much chocolate around here from Christmas.  My willpower is rather low in January.  I have bought some healthier food and have kept breakfast and lunch lower in calories.  If I can kick the dessert habit I've picked up, I'll be good.  I am not going to do the 6 Day Shred, as I believe it to be a dangerous restriction of calories, especially whilst exercising.

The exercises for the first month of the program aren't too bad.  It's a bit challenging, but I am surviving it.  I printed out the program calendar from a third party website and didn't notice a misprint that had me doing a sculpting workout from the second month.  That one was hard, but I survived it too.  I do hope that by the end of month one, I'm better able to handle those "Sculpt B" moves because I really thought it was going to do me in. 

So far my asthma has not been an issue.  I suspect that I will need to use my exercise inhaler for month two.  The only result to report here on day five is that my posture is greatly improved.  I haven't slouched once since sitting down at the computer this morning.

My free coach is not working out so far.  I have sent her an email and gotten no reply.  Perhaps she is busy, or has no answers for my questions.  It is rather unfortunate that her specialty programs do not include P90.  I doubt she'll be of much help.

I'll finish up week one tomorrow.  So far, I like the exercise portion of the program.  I like the fast pace, how quickly we change moves, and how the host is upbeat in a non-annoying way.  I do modify some of the moves, and have a slow pace, but I expect it to improve.


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